Sander Mathôt

I am Sander Mathôt (1967), trained as a pharmacist at the University of Utrecht. I started as a validation specialist at MSD Haarlem and then fulfilled several management roles in the field of production and quality within Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Apotex, Pharming and SynCo Bio Partners. My experience lies in the field of sterile production, production of tablets and capsules, biotechnology (upstream processing and downstream processing) and packaging. During this time I was also a Qualified Person, responsible for the release of commercial and investigational medicinal products. I have extensive experience in auditing contract manufacturers, contract laboratories and suppliers.

For over 20 years I have been affiliated with Edufarma. First as a member of the examination board for Pharmaceutical Technician, later as a member of the examination board for Pharmaceutical Operator.

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Jos Mathôt

I am Jos Mathôt (1956), trained as a pharmacist at the University of Leiden. After military service as a production pharmacist, I joined Organon. First as a staff pharmacist supporting foreign affiliates for manufacturing and quality assurance matters and later in production management and sterility assurance for the production of sterile pharmaceuticals. At Amersham Cygne (now GE Healthcare) I acted as operations manager overseeing the design and start-up of the new production facility for radiopharmaceuticals in Eindhoven. In the role of site leader I ensured together with my team capacity growth with a focus on lean and efficiency. Later I combined my responsibility for production with that for the three GE Healthcare radiopharmacies in the Netherlands.

For many years I have been associated with CEN and ISO working groups in the field of sterilization and sterility with special focus on aseptic production. I am also affiliated with the PAOFarmacie course Sterile Manufacturing, which contributes to sterility assurance awareness and training of Qualified Persons.

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